About us

About us

When it comes to our work, there are no coincidences.

Even the name of our company has been carefully thought over. In Greek mythology, Oceanus was a Titan, god and the personification of the sea, which flows around the whole world. Together with his wife Tethys he had 3000 daughters, the Oceanids, which were referred to the rivers, lakes and seas of the Earth. He was also the father of Metis, the mother of wisdom and deep thought. The river, under the Oceanus had his patronage and formed the limit to the human world.

Our company Oceanus allows you to cross the border between Human World and Underwater World. It enables you to explore its secrets in an unthreatening way. Water is our element. Our services are indispensable everywhere, where a solid boundary between glass or acrylic, water and man must be created. We approach each project with professionalism that is similar to the prudence of the goddess Metis. As the only company in Poland we specialize in installation of water tanks in large formats in zoos, museums, research institutes and private households.



Waldemar Osmałek

tel. +48 502 229 405

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